Load Securement


Applications include rail, ship, truck, trailer and other freight, paper roll, steel, lumber, plywood, palletized loads.
Moving and storage vans, etc. can save loading and unloading time. Wide range of fittings for different loads.

Tie Down Straps

All heavy duty, wear and weather resistant load control straps are specially designed and manufactured for the demanding conditions of flatbed operations.
These straps consist of the highest quality, strength-tested webbing, hardware, and sewing patterns. Strap lengths are made to suit customer needs.

Tie Down Straps Truck Winches

Truck Winches

Weld-On Webbing Winches
Weld-on winches are designed to be permanently mounted in a fixed position.

Sliding Webbing Winches
Sliding winches move easily in both directions for positioning in the track, but lock firmly in place when tension is applied to the webbing.


Winch Bars
All winch bars feature a knurled, non-slip handle and a tapered, carbon-steel nose piece for strength and easy operation. Combination bars have modified handles for use in ghtening chain binders.

Standard Bar

Strap Cap

Steel Corner Protectors
Corner protectors are designed to protect both strap and cargo. Steel protectors feature a corner recess to protect cargo edges.

Ratchet Tie Downs

Include a mechanical ratchet for hand tightening strap over load to be secured.

Ratchet Tie Downs